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Default Re: Lightest 2wt blank

Originally Posted by imxer View Post

I have a Loomis IMX rod 8' X 3wt that weighs 1.76oz. Agree with your post but
still think it is possible to wear yourself out with this if you don't relax and let the rod do the work.

Agreed. Good casting form will always make casting easier and less tiring with any rod weight. A lot of people like to go right for different gear to solve problems when in reality much of it can be solved with current gear and improved form.

For instance, I see a lot of people on here wanting to buy rods 1-2 sizes heavier to throw bigger flies. Learning to haul and double haul correctly can effectively turn your rod +1 or +2 weights heavier in terms of casting power. If you are doing standard casts with a 5wt and want to get more distance, and don't want to spend a lot of money, the solution is to improve your casting, not buy a 6wt right off the bat.
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