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Default Re: Hanging up in Lily Pads

Originally Posted by gannoli View Post
I was thinking the exact thing! This fly is perfect for what I want to do. Unfortunately I haven't started trying my own flies yet.
All the more reason to get cracking. A lot of people are put off by how hard they think tying will be, and how many materials they think they will need. In reality, its not very hard, and once you get the basics of wrapping thread (which is really extremely simple), you can come up with as many patterns as you have the imagination to envision.

I got a bass pro bass fly tying kit to start off. It came with a bunch of materials, a standard clamp vise, threads, the essential tools, and a GREAT instructional DVD by Lefty Kreh. I still use most of those same tools today and still use some of the materials as well. As time progressed, I have upgraded my vise, some tools, and bought LOTS of materials. If you want to make a lot of really great bass patterns, all you need is some buck tail, hackle, marabou, chenille, flash, and foam (maybe not the foam but I love tying with foam. Get these in some assorted colors and you will be good. If you buy a decent kit like I did, it will include all of those materials starting off. From that point, you add as your addiction grows.
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