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Default Re: Size 3 tip tops?

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
If you do, don't bother with a switch rod just go with a full length spey. A 8-9wt switch for the surf if a waste.
I don't like the idea of switch rods. When I wanted to get a spey for largemouth (which is what my 6wt is now for) most people told me to go switch because it is versatile and can do 2 handed and single handed casts well. I've never been a fan of what most people consider "versatility" or items that can be described as "jack of all trades."

In my opinion, versatility means that you do everything decent, and nothing well. I am the type of person that likes the two extremes, and will not be satisfied with the middle ground. If I am buying a rod to do 2 handed casts, I dont want a switch rod that CAN do them, but sacrifices some of that functionality in order to also accommodate single handed casts better. I have single handed rods for single handed casts. I'd rather have an item that excels in one aspect rather than being okay in several.

Obviously, this is just me though, and is not the case for everyone. I understand the appeal of switch rods, they are just very off putting to me.
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