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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

I just paid home owners and boat, the autos are not due until August 25 so I'll wait.

I'm going to shop some prices myself but based on what I've read here I'm doing OK thus far. My pet peeve is the cost for the boat......... Just under 700 / year. I know most of this is liability for passengers / customers, but I only have people in that boat 30 - 40 days / year. Then you gotta figure ice out on May 25 and freeze up by October 25........... It's an expensive 5 month policy at best.

The vehicles are 600 / year for my truck and 740 for Nancy's Forrester. Then there's that pesky 300 for the 2 motorcycles................ and we haven't even touched on the general Health policies! I don't need to hear about Obamacare messing up the works, they have been raping us since before this guy got elected. It seems that the new healthcare bill simply gave the insurance companies license to rape at will.

Anyway, since it's a rant I let off a little steam there myself.

You may notice I moved this thread to the 'Members Lodge', here it is not viewed by the million visitors we get but let's keep it cool just the same.

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Check with the Good Sam Insurance (GMAC)for your boat. They mainly do rv's but I'm not too sure about boats... If you can get it, they allow you to remove (or lessen) the premium while the unit is not in use during winter months or what have you.
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