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Default Re: What's the Deal with Native Brookies

They are one of the more baffling of 'trout'.

I know a couple of small streams where they won't take a fly and I have many fishless days to prove it to myself. Played the 'game of nods' with an 8" brooking in a pool for maybe 4 hours once. Threw everything I had at him, form #20 sparce dries to a #2 muddler... he came out form under his rock to carefully examine each and every fly, the first time threw my boxes. Never once even hinted at a take. Funny thing was when I started on round two of the flies I have on me, he didn't didn't budge for the ones he was only half interested in the first time. Flipped up a log; found a worm; stripped a #12 nymph... He slammed it withing 2 seconds of it hitting the water.

Conversely, I know another slightly larger stream where brookies are actually sort of annoying. I fish that stream for it's resident population of 8" - 12", light, streamline browns.

I've seen them turn their nose up at everything in a manner that would do a life-long Parisian proud. I have also seen them basically throw themselves at my feet.

(For me, brookies basically make less sence than some of my ex's... . They sure do taste good though.)

Thing I find most interesting about them is that they have been much less the subject of study and scrutiny as compared to the rest of the 'trout' clan. Yes, I do know they are char. They swim like a trout, eat like a trout, eat what trout it, live where trout live, act like trout - trout enough for me.

The other weird thing about them is the biggest ones are most often found in habitats which also support Northern Pike.
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