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Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
I've always said that the flyrod is not the ideal way to catch a Largemouth. I can do it but I can't double the amount of fish when I fish my baitcaster.
I don't agree with this, as this entirely depends on where you are and what the bass are eating. The reservoir by me has a lot of bass, but sees a huge amout of fishing pressure. Fortunately for me (kinda), fly fishing is very uncommon around here, and all that pressure is from spin rodders. The bass know to stay away from the standard spin baits, and I RARELY see any of those guys hook a fish. I, on the other hand, have no trouble catching them since I can presen bait they aren't accustomed too.

Also, flies can be used to imitate bait that can't be accomplished with spin gear. For example, at another local pond, bass feed heavily on dragon flies. I routinely see spin rodders struggling to be successful at that pond, but I always catch some with dragonfly flies.

There will always be circumstances when one setup is more successful than the other. I would not grant one the absolute advantage.
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