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Default Re: Thinking about adding a rod to my trout fishing quiver.

Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
Nice quiver. You just need a streamer rod for the heavier payloads (think line, leader, and fly combination) that your Z can't cover.

As for the casting part of it, a good caster can adjust his or her stroke to match the action of a rod.

As for learning how to streamer fish, it does not hurt to know how. Once you figure it out, it will be a valuable tool in your arsenal.

This is where the personal preference part comes in. I prefer the faster rod. It has more butt to handle the loads from heavier payloads. It will throw line better in the wind.

If you look around hard enough, you can find Scott S4 rods on clearance. They are being discontinued for a newer model. I am a Sage Z-Axis owner, but I would rather own a Scott S4 if I was going to use it as a streamer rod.

You are welcome.
This is a most helpful post. I'll look into the S4.

I can cast my Z-Axis fine, and it works much better than the slower Scott 4 wt. in the wind, I just like the feel of the Scott G better, and was wondering if by going up to a six weight, the heavier line would punch wind as well or close to as well as a faster action six?

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