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Default Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?

From everything I've been able to pick up on after visiting the local shops and casting a few different rods/wts, the overall consensus has been the 6wt is the pretty much the go-to utility rod for what folks around here use. Just wondering if anyone here had any input or advice on going with something lighter vs mid range for stuff like this.
Appreciate any input, thanks--Jon
Back when I started FF there was nobody to ask. I am also from Central IN but a little east of you. I would advise you to start with a 5wt as a generally all round rod. Not a big difference from a 6wt but then as you want to add rods to expand your fly capability size you can go to the next odd number weight rods. 3, 7, 9, and cover a good range of needs. I 5wt will not way over power a BG and will handle some of the smaller bass bugs and streamers. Then when you want a great rod for gills you can go to a 3wt or if bass is your next jump a 7wt will handle most bugs except for the really big stuff.
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