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Default Re: Bamboo Rods

First off it wouldn't be a good idea to compare the action of a "vintage" bamboo to today's tapers. Vastly different. Yes, there are some good old tapers, but the original intent with old rods was just to get the fly (typically a wet fly) into the water. Casting 50 to 60 feet wasn't all that common.

Today's tapers, adhesives, and finishes are quite an improvement to "vintage" bamboo. It really all depends on the design of the taper as to the action of the rod. Some are molasses slow noodles and others are quite fast, not Sage "One" fast, but still moderately fast. Today's technologies unlike older rods allow for just about any length or weight rod. I have built bamboo rods from a 2 weight 6' to an 9' 8 weight and have plans for either a spey or switch. Times have changed

I would put bamboo rods way above graphite rods in toughness, feel and touch. They are a slower action which some casters can't adjust to. You have to feel what the rod is telling you and adjust your casting stroke to it. Unlike graphite, bamboo will not allow you to rush it. And they are a tad bit heavier (even hollow built) than graphite. But, if a fly fisher can't wave a rod around for a full day they probably ought to hit the gym or grab a jar of power bait . Like any other weight, length, stlye or material rod bamboo has its time and place.

Price? With some graphite rods topping out at close to $1000 bamboo is looking like more of a bargain every day.

Anglers Roost? Probably a decent way to try bamboo on the cheap, but please don't judge all bamboo rods by those blanks. They are entry level at best. Kind of like comparing a Wally World rod to a upper end graphite.

Sorry for the long winded reply, I can go on all day about Bamboo.

"Blessed is the fly fisher who's quiver contains grass, glass & graphite custom rods." Book of Rods 3:16
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