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Default Re: Bamboo Rods

I have a medium priced bamboo rod that was built by my friend Gary Sandon about 25 years ago. It is 7'-2" 5wt. 4 1/8oz medium action. Faster than my old fiberglass Silaflex slower than my G Series Scott. To be honest I haven't fished it in years, but I remember having fun with it years ago.

I particularly remember a nice 17" Cutthroat I caught on the Fourth of July on the North Fork just upstream of Polebridge MT. That fish put such a bend in the rod I was afraid it was going to break, but I do believe bamboo is more forgiving than graphite in that they bend without breaking while a graphite will bend so far than explode.

RE my bamboo rod, I forgot to mention Gary made a really nice square, tapered oak rod case for it. When I first went to Twin Bridges around 1995 I had it with me and showed it the Glenn Brackett Winston's bamboo guy at the time. I could instantly see that my rod wasn't in the same league as his rods, but he was nice, he pointed out that the length, rod weight and line weight matched up well and the action was pretty nice. Overall a nice rod, not a great rod.

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