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Default Cabelas TLr 13' 8wt question

So, during the feeding frenzy over the Cabelas TLr discounts earlier today I picked up the aforementioned 13' 8wt... and have been doing some research on it.

I noticed that early last year siskiyoublues posted here and elsewhere that he had been in contact with Cabelas customer service and was given a grain window of 202-218. This, of course, is less than half the grain weight you'd expect for an 8wt Spey.

On another forum somebody responded that: "Cabela's information was fairly accurate. The designations on the TLR 6wt and 8wt switch rods are AFTMA line designations. Actually, the 8wt has a slightly broader grain window than what Cabela's suggests, in the neighborhood of 200-300 grains or about the equivalent of a 4/5 spey. The 6wt is very fine and would probably break on the first cast loaded with a #6 spey line, it is about the equivalent of a 2/3 spey. Both the TLR (6 and 8wt) make nice trout rods, and the 8wt might be fine for light steelhead but wouldn't be my first choice for an all-round steelhead rod."

On the other hand, SA lists a recommendation of 600 Skagit and 520 Scandi for that rod (

Any real world experience?
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