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Default Re: Breaching the Veazie Dam

Not for the first time. Back in the days of the 19th century lumber barons, Messrs. Veazie and Dwinel were bitter Bangor rivals who were constantly suing each other over one business dispute or another. One time the logs of one of them (I forget which one) jammed up at the other's dam and couldn't reach the mill downriver, so he went out in the middle of the night with a case of dynamite, blew up the dam to clear the logjam, sued for reimbursement of the cost of the dynamite, and won! It went all the way up to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, which upheld the right of private citizens to use "self-help" to clear private obstructions in public waterways.

(A worthy precedent that sadly appears no longer to have the effect of governing law.)
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