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Default Cheap reel for my cheap Spey set-up

Looking for a reel to go with my $40 on sale Cabelas TLr 13' 8wt rod. Going to be used mostly on the Milwaukee and Root rivers during the fall run (for now anyway). I'm thinking of picking up either a Okuma SLV or Integrity 10/11... leaning towards the Integrity at the moment. I've got the SLV on my single handed 8wt and like it well enough (other than a slight paranoia that I'll lose the drag adjustment knob). Any compelling reason to choose one over the other? Anything else I should be considering... keeping in mind that I can get either of them for less then $50.

Also wondering if there's a really compelling reason to use #30 or #35 backing rather than the #20 that I have a bunch of. I figure even with #20 the tippet is still going to be the weakest link by a fair bit.
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