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Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
There's no two ways to look at it.
The guy was lying through his teeth just trying to make a sale.
I think that part of it is that they don't have tons of variations in product for a 10weight.
For instance- if I was only going to purchase Rio, here's what else they have...

Power Fly

He did mention that those 2 lines do over power the tropical as far as head weight and may not be a great match since I'm more in the bass/muskie niche... Its too much for a smaller fly and I'm not really throwing 14" flies for muskie. The river muskie here will eat anything down to a mini rebel crayfish lure (I know from experience)

I also looked at Jim Teeny's big bass bug fly line and thought id give a call for more info on that product. I will clean the line I have though and see what happens on the next outing.

Weather here has been a bit extreme though, especially with the humidity. It seems worse than past years and now we're basically a part of tornado alley and catching tons of hurricane aftermath... I don't ever remember the weather being so weird around here.
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