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Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
What is the temp of the water? Not the air. The fly line is in the water most of the time.

Go to RIO's own web page and go through the Line Selector - there is absolutely no way - ever - that a tropical line is coming up on the selector for what you're looking to do with your 10 wt. Your comment about their limited offerings on the 10 wt was something that immediately came to my mind, "they must have not had many choices in stock."
Just did the line selector again and here's what I select.

*single handed
*fresh water
*pike/muskie (bass is separate category and recommends the Smallmouth line which only goes to 8w)

It says they cannot recommend anything. The Rivers here are not deep enough to worry with sinking or sink tip line. Id prefer floating line to throw on a big popper or frog.

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Originally Posted by pa dave View Post
Maybe too over simplistic on my part, but does your bug repellant contain DEET? It does bad things to the coatings on fly lines. I'm 99% sure you already know that, but on the off chance I thought I'd mention it.
Ah ha! Good point...

I've been working at a home right off the river and 2 miles from where I was fishing. 2 days before the last outing there was a helicopter spraying for black flies...
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