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Default Re: Spur of the Moment Trip, Mt.-Id.-Wy. Tips needed...

Thanks again dean_mt, blackbugger & SdDryFly...

@dean_mt; Well, the *plan* is to Golden first, Bull second, Cutthroats along the way (as who can resist walking by water with a rod in hand, the rest if we encounter them...However, the must haves for out West are the G/B/C....

Further, time starts with the first cast, and does not pause so we get 168 hours. Travel time is time lost. So we fly in late Thur., expect to be fishing late Friday, then fly out mid-afternoon Wednesday and should make it to N. Mich. before dawn Thur.. So at best I expect 36 hours to nab whatever remains.....Naturally, fail on the G/B/C and the game is over.

The Brook, Brown, and Rainbow we can nab in a half day all on the same very little river I love to fish here in Michigan (Pine out of Oscoda off the AuSable)....In fact, a river run holdover Steelhead is not that surprising, and during the run Salmon are ridiculously thick.

The real fly in the ointment are the Lakers. Besides being down deep due to the time of year, in Michigan the place to catch them is in the big lakes. So worse comes to worse if we don't get one out West we'll need to jump on a boat and so then they'll have to be on heavy tackle. All 7 on the fly is our ideal goal....and yes, Spring is the ideal time to do this.

Simply put.....It's what dull witted over 50 types do when they're too cheap to buy Ferraris. Attempt things that would tax younger men, then claim failure was due to lack of Geritol in our prune juice.....So you have to try again next year.

Thanks again!


p.s....I think for the Bulls we'll try either the Clearwater per blackbugger or Salmon in Idaho....and I now get 18 hours to figure it all out. Maybe the plan is not so good afterall

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