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Default Re: Expensive waders, are they worth it?

Waders? Way down on my priority list. Just about any halfway decent pair will give us years of service.

Iíll go $250, even $299.95 but Iíd just as soon go back to something like O. S. System FCWís at a buck sixty nineÖ.and put up with some perspiration ( Like we did for decades ) before I go four of five hundred.
See: OS Systems Waders [Archive] - Fly Fishing Forum
Or: Hunt & Fish | O.S. Systems

My reasoning is a little different than most of the guys posting so far. I avoid wearing waders whenever possible. Iím more likely to wear them in the dead of winter or when flying in somewhere, but rarely wear them from May 1 to October 31 in the Sierra or on the valley floor. Even in the Northern California surf ( which I surfed and played in for years ) I avoid waders. I honestly donít know how guys & gals can stand wearing waders - of any type, on a river in 70 to over 100 degree daytime temps. That scenario is probably the leading reason why I donít come across hardly any other anglers, miles in.

From November until the end of April, when we do use waders, we usually find ourselves layering up with poly-pro or capliene long johns due to the cold. So perspiration due to outside temps isnít so much a problem. While breathableís are great, theyíre not the only answer, just the one that gets tossed around the most and for many, the only answer theyíve ever been given. There are other solutions out there.

Weíve four pairs of older Simms Guide weights here at the house - all were purchased on sale from around 2000 to 2006 and I can only guess that theyíre still water tight. Just a few weeks ago, during our Man Cave Sale, we sold off two pairs of StreamLine chest high neoprene waders and two pairs of their waist highs. All four pairs were in very good shape and when you consider how long ago StreamLine went tits up, it might give you an idea just how necessary we find waders.

Itís not that I donít see the need in owning a heavy duty pair of breathable for some guys and gals, but I truly donít think that all anglers do, they just get up-sold on the dream, the fear & peer factors.


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