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Default Re: What is your one fish

Originally Posted by fishers_fisherman View Post
As I'm still getting started with fly's and mostly limited to hitting a few nearby lakes and rivers, I've mainly caught bluegill, a few small LMB's and one or two Smallies but the other night I hooked into a couple warmouth's on a chartreuse micro-popper. Wow! Those things were both only around 9-10" but both hit the fly like a freight train then took off fast enough I actually had to put the reel into use to pull them back in, both fighting like crazy the entire way. I was shocked at how small they were when I got them back as both fought harder than the 14-16" LMB's that had previously given me the most action. Starting to think those might be the "one" fish I'm enjoying catching the most.
Wait till you get some fat pumpkinseeds on the line.
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