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Default Re: Upgrade or more of the same: ZXL to BIIIX

Quite frankly there are too many outstanding sticks available. I toyed with the " Want " of six weight rod for streamers and heavier nymphs but reality is neither is my usual style so for Central Pa a stronger five would be used more often. See my post about the Scott Radian as I briefly casted it and will revisit after this weekend at the Hardy Cup in New York. Since it is sponsored by Hardy I plan to talk to Jim Murphy and cast the Zenith . Aesthetically the Scott looks like custom built and to my eyes is prettier rod. Yeah as if trout cares but dropping $800 plus I sure do.The Radian is very unique in combo power and finesse .I too heard the ZXL 6 ii very sweet spot in that lineup and saw one on e bay leave for $400. Again there are many options but limited opportunities for most of us to cast the sticks .
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