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Default Re: Dave scadden outlaw outfitter

I had his Renegade model and picked it up at his place here in Ogden. Nice guy and the price was right.
The boat did ok, it punctured easy. I ended up with 2 pin holes and 2 say little tears. This was in the first 4 months I had it. Same place on each side of the tubes, by the foot rest. I only wore old tennis shoes when fishing.
I did what I was told when I called put Aquseal on it and let it dry. Later on while sitting on the garage floor another one started under the seat.
Cut my losses and sold it.

I do not know if it was a bad batch of fabric or what? I keep my equipment inside and in a big action packer when not in use and my truck bed has a bed rug.
BTW color blue????
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