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Default Re: lowest priced machined reel?

Originally Posted by plecain View Post
I just bought one of the Clark Reels. This one:

Clark CS 3 4 Bar Stock Click Stop Large Arbor Fly Reel | eBay

I bought it partly from curiosity. I'll post something here about its quality when I get it.
First impression: Better than I expected.

This reel was on ebay for $70/Best Offer. I offered $65 w/shipping. The seller accepted that.

It comes with a good quality neoprene bag.

The machining is very good - not perfect. On a couple of the non-critical surfaces, you can see a few swirl marks. On the critical surfaces, I can't see any stray machining marks at all.

The spool's wobble is very, very slight. Much better than, for example, Okuma SLV. About the same as a Lamson Konic or Guru.

The click-pawl adjustment works by moving the two assemblies closer to one another. Even on the lightest setting, it still prevents backlash when I strip out line as fast as I can. It works in both directions, but is lighter when retrieving line - there's no free spool on retrieval.

The spool comes off by pressing on it with your thumbs, like many other reels. If there's a weak link here, it will be the O-ring that supplies the pressure to hold it together. It's a standard metric O-ring, so it's easy to replace if you need to.

The foot is held on by blind screws from the inside. That leaves the foot's mounting surface for the reel seat completely smooth. There are no holes in it to mar the reel seat - a nice touch.

That's my first impression. Now I have to fish with it. I'll keep you posted.
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