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Default Re: Reel recommendations

Originally Posted by chuck_n_duck View Post
Hello, All!
New to the forum in name only. Had an account at one time, but it's been awhile, and I couldn't remember the old login . Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations for an inexpensive reel (<$100) to go on a 10wt saltwater rod. I'm fully aware that, at this price point, the reel will not be designed for saltwater use. I'm more concerned about the reel having an adequate drag. My intended targets will (hopefully) be dorado, stripers, bluefish, maybe redfish and small tarpon. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I've used an Orvis Battenkill disk drag on my ten weight for years (like maybe 15) and it hasn't failed me yet. Its a little outside your price point, but check Ebay. You should be able to find one for $100-$150. They're a great reel. I've caught snook, tarpon, reds etc. Just wash them out after use and give them a shot of CRC and you're good.

PS If you really want to go cheap, an exposed rim Pfleuger Medalist will work. I have one on an 11wt Ugly Stik and I've caught some very respectable tarpon and sharks with that outfit.

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