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Default Re: I Met Myself Last Night...

The tool box felt light in the hand and carried easily by comparison to the usual collection of massive "catch-all" old-style Kennedy tool caches, the likes of which normally inhabit the back of the "Fish Truck." As I come from a long line of "tinkerers, fixers, builders and craftsmen"-- the jury's still out on me being able to lay claim to wearing some of those hats --I tend to be something of a "projects" guy. Show me almost anything that others claim is beyond all "help"-- spelled repair --and I'll gladly step up to the plate. Just ask The Speaker of the House about my ever-increasing stockpile of fixables...

And, as mentioned, I come by this trait naturally. I grew up around men whose hands were skilled and their attitudes heavily tilted in the direction of the fine art of "reclaim and restore." Having come through the difficult periods of our history like the Great Depression, they had a deep and firm understanding and appreciation of the longevity of something made well, and how to extend said years of service. Their talents taught me a whole new meaning to the phrase "shelf-life."

So, in keeping with that tradition, I spent a few hours yesterday replacing parts on the old gas lights and a few of the aging oil lamps that reside at "Trail's End." Gas orifices were changed out or cleaned, and some of the oil lamps now boast a new wick here and there that should last quite awhile. And, when I was finished and the "test runs" of the repairs had been verified, I again found the same sense of satisfaction that I believe was once part and parcel of the men who steered me to this point in life.

As I closed the tool box and got ready to leave, the changing of the sun's position in accordance with the last month of summer illuminated a small corner of the cabin, shining a light on a bagged collection of old sporting catalogs, some reaching back nearly 55 years. Today, I will read through the group, seeking even more insight into things as they once were, and striking a comparison or two to the very same things as they are today-- if they still exist at all. Once finished, I hope to come away from the hours spent in "research" with a better understanding overall, and the courage to finish up the last few chapters of the personal journals of the late Montgomery Jackson. What I'll find remains to be seen on all fronts...
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