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Default Re: Anyone ever deal with newtyer1

Originally Posted by dynaflow View Post
Maybe,but the comments are relevant.I've made friends and successfully bought from the good people that inhabit this site from across the other side of the world (Australia) and I believe that the numbers of posts(i.e.establishing some credibility) required before selling goods is important.I've just raised this very issue with Mods on one of the two Aussie sites I frequent....a member who had made two posts in three and a half years of membership (both buying from the Classifieds) snapped up a rod..and no I wasn't interested in the rod.My point is of course that this person hadn't contributed to the Forum in any way but was simply using it as another place to get a bargain.

From a sellers perspective though, that's fine with me. So long as I know that I'm getting payment up front, I have nothing to worry about, and my product has been sold.

However, as far as buyers are concerned, there needs to be a level of trust established. Even when someone does have 200+ posts, or however many you see fit, you just never know what someone is capable of until it's too late. Perhaps a feedback system is a good way of helping potential buyers know the seller a bit better.

Upping the required limit for people to post seems a bit... dramatic to me. Just because there was one bad apple in the bunch, doesn't mean that we should punish everyone else who lives an honest life. My $.02.

Thanks Auntie Em! I've got a friend that frequents those classifieds, so I'll make sure he knows.
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