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Default Re: Two-handed Overhead casting

Thumbs up from me for the two handed overhead !

A two handed approach is absolutely a great method for the single hand trout rod too. For me it solves the tailing loop problem and I go to it whenever I start seeing the top leg coming under the bottom leg. Using two hands controls the arm, shoulder and hand movement tightening up and straightening the path of the back and forward strokes with no wasted movement. You can use this technique not only for the vertical overhead cast but it works in any plane you tilt the rod, even casting across the body.

You probably will notice that you can switch hands on the grip without the awkward feeling of casting with the opposite hand when using a one hand style. It's in my opinion a great way to learn to cast conventionally with either hand. An easy way to understand the idea is to put your two hands together without a rod palms together and fingers extended and make the casting stroke on the right side and then the left side. You won't feel like either hand or arm is dominant. With a rod I simply clamp the line with the top hand and pinch the rod butt with my opposite hand and cast away.

Both Charles Ritz and Joan Wulff advocated learning the two hand method for the single hand trout rod. Joan especially liked to teach young kids using it because the rods and reels where simply to heavy for them to use with one hand.

A fishing partner with a bum shoulder likes the two hand style. When his right shoulder starts bothering him he switches hands and casts from the left side....pain goes away.

Why rod designers haven't marketed a 7-9 foot light weight rod with second hand extension beats me.
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