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Default Re: Utah, Idaho (Driggs) trip advice

Thanks for all the advice ! It's very much appreciated !

I should be ok with the San Juan as I grew up on the river.. it's just been 20 years since I've been there.. long hiatus away from the vise It looks from everything I've read its still pretty similar .. with smaller being better 22-26 midges and emergers... And I still remember my rabbit hare (pun intended) leech pattern hopefully that thing still works like it did back in the day

The trip itinerary has changed.. I'm headed to Flaming Gorge instead of Bicknell So .. San Juan, Green River.. then Idaho for 5 days..then the reverse heading back south .. I'm excited...!!! Hope I didn't forget any gear in the vest been a long time since I did this gig... I'll definitely make a stop at some shops to verify the last minute items.

@Bryan thanks for the help !

@Rob I found that article on wading the SF it looks promising as flows are dropping significantly hopefully I can find a couple side channels to fish so I can at least say I've been there

@Larry What can I say thanks a TON !!! Especially the recommendation to head to Flaming Gorge !!! I'm there !

Tomorrow cant come soon enough !

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