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Default Re: Scott Radian

Wow! I just got a full workout with the 905/4 Radian alongside my 590 Z-Axis and 904/4 Scott G. I am now officially selling my Z-Axis to buy the Radian. The guide and I both cast the Z-Axis to start and it worked just fine, then my 4 wt. G series for fun then the Radian. I had three reels with different lines; a SA GPX WF 5 wt., a Wulff TT 5-6 and a SA Mastery Trout Shark Skin. The Radian was fantastic with the Shark Skin, good with the triangle taper and just so-so with the GPX.

It cast short, medium and long with ease, was very accurate, and though not a G Series, it does have feel. It's hard to analyze and put into words why I like it better, it just is very apparent when you try both rods side by side. It feels lighter in the hand and though it is about as fast, or faster than the Z-Axis, you can feel the rod load better. I was casting to a leaf here and a grass clump there and I was able to hit spots consistently easier with the Radian.

Anybody want to buy a slightly used 9' 5 wt. four piece Z-Axis?

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