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Default Re: Nymphing Line?

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hi William,

If you currently have lines on reels that you can try on the rod I would do that. I wouldn't worry too much about whether I had a dry or a nymph on the rod I would simply go cast the lines I had and find which loads and casts well.

I use the same lines (most are Scientific Angler Mastery DT) for whatever I am casting. From dry flies to large feather wing streamers or heavy Pike flies the only thing I change is my leaders. The lines work the same regardless of what I have on the terminal end. What you find is that you just apply a bit more speed to the lift when you have a heavier or more resistant fly or rigging on the end of the line.

By now you may have figured out that I don't spend a lot of time pondering the fine points of current tackle tuning or splitting hairs over the details. Honestly I believe that once you have a fly line that loads and shoots well it really doesn't matter whether you fish wet or dry with that line. You just change the leaders to suit and keep the line well dressed so it floats high.

Great points! Overall, I think there's too many lines on the market. 15 years ago when I started this addiction, selecting a line was a no brainer. Now through the niche products you also have to look at the make up of every line down to general purpose because of them adding size to it which I don't fully understand but glad there's a crew here to learn from.
I had double taper on my 5w for years and just never really got the knack of it to be well enough rounded like on a wf line.
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