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Default Re: The wives don't understand...

This summer I've been practicing my two-handed casting in the lake right in front of our house. Lots of funny comments and questions from my neighbours, especially when I tell them I've cut the hook off my fly. I told one little girl I was trying to catch seagulls.

My wife is very tolerant of my fishing and expensive tackle habits, but regards it all with good-natured bemusement. We'll be at a party and I'll inevitably be babbling about some fish-related story, then people will inevitably ask her if she likes fishing too. She always says "I like fishing, I'm just not obsessed with it."

My sister doesn't get it at all. When I described for her catching my first steelhead she asked whether they were good to eat. Horrified, I told her that they were strictly catch and release. There was a pause, and then she said, noticeably confused, "Well if you can't eat them, what's the point?"

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