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Default Re: Guide size help for a 2/3wt 12'0''

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Not sure if it would make a difference (other the odd placement) but is this a 3 or 4 piece blank. A few folks that I know of who make this kind of rod is Gary Anderson (ACR), La Cresse Custom Rods (hope I got the spelled correctly) 'almost' one other is Bob Meiser (Meiser Custom Rods).

I've a Meiser 3-4-5 (4 piece) and as a 3 at 280 grains it can almost reach the far side of the Bitterroot river. The 'LCC' is a true 2-3 three piece rod and the most delicate two hander I've ever cast. Not water cast the Anderson that I can recall.

There is one 'universal' when it comes to casting this type of rod.... just hold same in your finger tips. You can not force these rods, they will just not handle that kind of treatment.
The rod is a 4pc blank, made by Anglers Roost.
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