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Default Re: Do you fish mice patterns?

Originally Posted by rangerrich99 View Post
I fish mice about 4 or 5 times a year, almost exclusively at night. I have fished them a couple times during the day for browns, but those were overcast days. I figured they might be shallow due to the cloud cover.

Full moons are great for micing, as you can sometimes see the strikes, which will be more violent than any strike you've ever seen by a factor of ten.

Basic retrieves include: dead drift (moving water), long slow strips, and 'walking the dog.'

'Walking the dog,' is actually from bass fishing with cigar baits. Tie the mouse on with a loop knot, cast, and strip in 2 to 3 inches strips, trying to 'pop' the mouse. This is done in sets of three or four: stripstripstrip pause stripstripstripstrip pause, etc. Done correctly the mouse's nose will twitch back and forth during the retrieve, moving a lot of water (dinner bell) and create a lifelike movement for your fly. Just remember you're trying to imitate a confused mouse; start your retrieve with a twitch then pause a couple twitches long pause, then start a 'normal' retrieve.

This post has postponed my drive to catch a carp on the fly... I gotta try this mouse thing
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