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Default Re: "What do I have to do to catch a fish on a feather fly?"

Oh for heavens sake! Use what works! I use anything for panfish. An ultralight spinning rod with hand tied 1/16th ounce jigs (wooly buggers with a lead head jig). Clousers and my wooly clousers, which is a clouser with a marabou tail, flashabou as a wing and a hackle collar with lead eyes, tied in either green and white or brown, and mini gulps on a small hook I fling with my six weight. Sometimes, I drag the flies and jigs in the Gulp juice if its handy. Do I care? Not even a little bit. Do the fish? No. Do I care about anyone's opinion but theirs? Hell no!
I mean my lovingly tied flies and jigs look like something a spastic five year old came up with in art class, and that's on a good day, but they catch fish, and that's all I care about.
Folks, the game is about convincing a fish to bite an artificial bait. Yeah, its nice if you tied it yourself, but forget that.
Me, I'm just a redneck fly fisherman, who is not above putting a bit of shrimp on a clouser when the sea trout are close mouthed. To me the tug is the drug and while in a perfect world I'd like to catch all my fish on flies and jigs I tied myself using organically raised animal parts harvested by unionized Guatemalan virgins.......At the end of the day I just want to catch a damned fish on a fly rod or ultra light and I'll do what I have to to make that happen. So consider me an infidel, most folks do. But I say go out, use whatever makes you happy and catch some fish. I mean pan fish are supposed to be about having fun and filling a frying pan. no need to get serious about them.

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