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Default Re: Saltwater 8wt line ??

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
First time I fished flats in the Yucatan was in the late 1980's. I didn't know any better and there were not that many specialty bonefish lines at the time so I was rigged with nice, long belly, Cortland 444SL's. I had a fine rod, Orvis 8'9"/#8 mounted with a wonderful Catino Bonefish, machined, cork draw-bar reel. It was hot and that Cortland line behaved like an elongated gummy worm in the snake guides. Sure, I caught about a million Ascension Bay bonefish that had never seen a fly, ever. But the next time I headed for tropical flats I had invested in an SA Mastery Bonefish line and plastic over cotton garb; but that is a separate equipment category.

By all means, buy the Sage Equator line on sale. Considering the overall cost of the trip, the line is insignificant but will make a substantial difference in your tropical performance...and your one day fishing could be the start of an addiction. Don't forget your copper tint polarized shades and coral protective footwear.
I'm of the strong belief that the line may be as if not more important than the rod. A great line that is made for the presentation will make a good rod very good maybe even great. A mediocre line not made for the conditions will make a great rod very mediocre.
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