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Default Re: Sage One 9'6" (5WT) vs Scott Radian 9'6" (5WT)

Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
Sage one , Scott has a shorter grip I like a longer grip so I can move up or down on the grip , I was told that Scott was trying hard to give its clients a fast lighter rod to try to compete with Sage one I don't think you would go wrong with One . Cast them both you deside what works best for you.
Good advise to cast them both side by side. I just did that last week, I actually casted a nine foot five weight One against a Radian and my Z-Axis. For me the casting exercise produced a tie between the One and Radian, while I like both over the Z-Axis.

The One since it has been around a couple years has a proven record with many-many actual fishing reviews, I have only read one or two reviews of the Radian where they actually fished it, both were glowing reviews BTW, and a handful of casting reviews. Since both rods are very similar in the way they cast, if Scott was trying to present their version of a One, I would say they did a good job. Setting the rods side by side the Radian does have a slightly shorter grip, less than 1/4" shorter, both full wells grips were ample in my hand.

Both are very good looking rods, I like the un-sanded gray blank on the Radian better than the deep black One, but I personally don't like the tangerine orange colored wraps on the Radian. Both rods are fitted with the highest quality components, both are very light in the hand and both are the new flagship of their fleet.
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