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Default Re: Pairing for Scott Radian 5wt

Originally Posted by kuch View Post
Neither. I spent my hard earned dollars on 3 new Radians. Without an intensive review, the limited material that is our there is pretty accurate about the Radian. I think the 5 and 6 weights are simply the best fast action rods in those line weights that I have ever fished. Simply amazing. The 4 wt is tough for me because I tend to fish a lot of different situations with a 4weight. I still like my G2 8'-8 4 weight for most of the smaller stream fishing that is inside of 30 feet. The 4 line Radian is great for bigger water, heavier flies, wind, etc.. Overall superior rods.
Please add your thoughts on the Radian to the Radian thread in the Rod's section. I totally get what you are saying about 4 weight fast action rods. My favorite around rod is my four weight Scott G904/4, and I have another slower action three weight Winston WT. Slow-medium action and light line sizes seem to go well together.

Did you compare the Radian to ant other rods?


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