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Default Re: Loomis NRX Steelhead & Salmon Rods

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Is Cortland marketing an 11'6"/#7 two handed rod or are you using a rod from one of your other product lines? I'll be open minded about this.
Cortland under the Diamondback brand builds a fine value switch rod (the swinger). I've been fishing them this fall and like them a lot but they aren't even in the catalog as they've made a decision to concentrate on marketing Fly Lines.. I'm no longer representing Hardy but the Marksman 11 1/2 7 was a fine rod. I still own a Hardy Swift 11 1/2 7 which is my main Steelhead rod. The other brands I'd look at would be the T & T, Beulah, Sage One, Scott and in price point rods I've heard a lot about the TFO Meiser series, Reddingtons, and the Echo stuff. I'm not trying to hawk any particular brand, My only regret with Hardy was that they never produced a 11 1/2 in the Zenith, and any thing longer than 12" is pushing it on the GL tribs.

But I will say this much on lines especially in the beginning, go with an integrated Skaget line like the Beulah Tonic or the New Cortland Compact Switch. Keep it simple, if you need to sink the head just add 4-6' of T-14, all this head-running line, cheaters, intermediate cheaters, is just too complicated and you don't need that stuff to make good presentations on the Great Lakes tribs.
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