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Default Re: The wives don't understand...

Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
I'm with turbineblade and lacanadio; my wife is my usual fly fishing partner; fresh or salt.

As far as lawn casting goes, well I used to do a lot of it. Sometimes when I'd come home from work; a little tired and frustrated (you know, those days just happen every now and then.........), Marty would say: "why don't you go out and cast for awhile?" I would, and it always brought me right back to a much more comfortable place. I can't concentrate on line placement and work-related things at the same time; fortunately for me, it's the work-related things that fade away when I'm fishing/casting.

....but, if fq13 is passing out info on that fly fishing, single malt drinking, classic alfa-driving adventure woman (you did say that she was drop dead gorgeous........right?),,............I'll take a copy.....................

She was going for her residency, I was off to get a university teaching gig, no way we'd be in the same town, so we just parted ways.
And, no more cute, but hey, still out of my league. Its one of those memories that will make me smile when I'm in the old folks home.
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