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Default Re: How far can you cast?

Originally Posted by Guy View Post
Most guys overestimate their cast by 10 feet just like trout are always 2 inchers longer when we tell of them.
My wife says we also overestimate the length of some other things...Sorry could not resist.

Why measure a cast....I cast in tournaments a few times a year. They don't guess, they measure. It's for money so yes I practice my distance for no other reason than the love of it and the Money!

Standing in the Babine and you want to swing on a steely and not have to worry about throwing a little cleo with a spinning set up, then a 30' shooting head and another 50-70' of line is gonna get your more taps on the swing. Big rivers are hundreds of feet across and being able to cast farther no doubt increases your chance for a tap and a tug. Skating a bubble head...I want that sucker 80' minimum.

I cast with some of the best in the world at competitions and I see the distances. Typically all are with a 9' 5 wt production rod.

Give me a 9' or 10' 9-12 wt and pegging a hundred is pretty doable in a lot of conditions...BY FAR the biggest obstacle in casting this far is line management.

We all know how fast it can happen..and coincidentally how fast it can be over...Sometimes that cast has to be 80' and right now or...On to the next flat. Catch a tool on your vest or a flap on your Teva and bam, you're done! Guide shrugs, you cuss. Life sucks! The other side..."Sweet toss, he's on it! Set Set Set, let him run, Fish On!"

It is this way in every sport. The better you are at one critical component of a sport more than likely the better you will do when trying to produce.

The lovely thing about this sport we all love so much is that you can be a total hack and have a bit of luck on your side and come out on top on any given day. That's another reason why I love fly fishing.

Working an 8'6" 4 wt LL. on the Gunny. Casting 70-80, is work but doable, add a wind and some line issues and it's tough! Notice my drift to clear the line, this becomes a huge factor in being able to poke the long one..Too much drift and you are done! Not enough and you will hit a tailing loop.

I was sorry not to get to cast with Bruce Richards at the Fair. I need Lessons!
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