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Default Re: Enjoying the simplicity on a budget. Possible?

It would be really interesting to learn more from you about some of more traditional aspects of tenkara. Most of the folks I talk to here in the States started out like I did, with very little background or knowledge of how the equipment was traditionally fished.

I found the long rods and light lines were ideal for the way I've been fishing with a reel. I fish a dry fly 90% of the time, but I only fish my dry fly with a dead drift maybe 25% of my casts. I like to fish my dry fly with an active presentation, I lie to swing, skate, twitch, dap, etc. I find using a furled line gives me alot more control for the way I like to present my fly.

Alot of folks I talk to also like to deeply fish nymphs, many seem to prefer a level line since it cuts thru the water column better than a thicker furled line.

I think that's one of the nice thing about tenkara rods, they seem to handle a fairly broad spectrum of line combinations. Folks are able to try different combinations until they find what works best for the way they like to fish. Maybe that a function of the inherent simplicity involved, there seems to not be black and white, right and wrong. However one enjoys fishing is all that counts. The one thing most folks agree on, they catch fish, and have fun doing so.

What techniques do youi find yourself using?

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