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Default Re: Everglades Rally to get Back Fishing

They should have just gone into the park. The Ten Thousand Island rivers are navigable waterways, I don't think the NPS has the authority to close them. And since the NPS answers directly to Obama, I doubt he would want mass arrests (and aren't the guys who would arrest them furloughed)? This was too tame by far. I'll probably be back down there and I intend to fish in the North end of the Park by boat. Ask me if I care its shut down. Hell, I've been fishing there for thirty years and never once have I seen a Ranger on the Water. Fish and Wild Life yes, but they aren't empowered to enforce federal regulations, as far as I know, so screw it. And may I just add "Get a Rope"! Lots and lots of rope. If someone brings the tar, we will donate the feathers.

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