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Default Re: What do you need to fish?

My Rod,and Reel. A spool of 12lb mono for my bass tippet, and a small spool of 4x tippet to add for trout. Ceps, clippers, pocket knife, and big knife attached to the outside of the bag incase of a run in with the methhead zombies that like to hang out around my lake. One fly box with bass flies, one with trout and carp flies. And a head lamp cause I fish in the dark a lot. And last but not least my phone/camera, my license. All in a small sling bag. I wet wade everywhere in shorts, and wading shoes. Most of my fishing is bass and I carry my 8wt, but I always have a 6wt in the car as a back up. And have had to use it as such, so it always goes along. I used to wear a vest and it just got so hot in the summer and never fit well over my jacket in the spring and fall. The sling bag is lite and comfortable and makes changing flies a breeze.
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