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Re: Another White River question: Boats

It's best to check how to fish these waters with the local flyshops. It would also be wise to get the number for the White/Norfork river generator predicted flows for that morning or that day. I'm new to these waters and fish with some old pros who've been here for the last 10 yrs. We will check that number in the morning to get ideas of dam generation and plan our day. We've waded the White on several occasions and I've never heard the horn but watched the water rise quickly (which is why you really need to stay updated) and don't want to be too far away from shore. I've been told to notice water marks to determine rising water which I do but diligence will be your lifesaver. We've also canoed down the Norfork with success from the dam and fished clear to the Handicapped area. These are good waters with some healthy cutts, browns, rainbows and I've even spotted a brookie or two. It is an impressive area to find trout so far away from my native waters in the Rockies. I wish you good luck and safe passage.
PS. It wouldn't hurt you to carry a good wading staff, a cell phone and if you get bolder an inflatable life jacket.
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