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Default 3 wt for blue gill

I have recently rediscovered the joys of ultra light spinning rods for warm water in canals where its too overgrown /to cast a fly. Seriously small stuff, five foot rods geared to throw 1/32 oz. lures with four pound test line. It makes even a small fish a good time.

I am thinking of taking the same approach with fly rods. I have two ponds full of bluegills not a hundred yards from my house. I was thinking of a three weight. Now I have a perfectly good four weight. Its by the late lamented JK Fisher company. But that thing is a damn zippy rod. I rountinely throw #6 heavy clousers with it and catch three pound plus bass. Heck I even took a six pound striper with the thing in the Grand Canyon. There are not words to describe how much I love that rod. But frankly, its a eight weight trapped in a small body.

What I want is something that will let a bluegill show off, but not be so noodly that I can'throw small streamers and poppers. I also want to do this cheap. I'm not dropping three bills on a bluegill rod. I was thinking of the Redington CTs. Anybody have suggestions
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