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Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

Originally Posted by gfirob View Post
1) High price, the higher the better, the most expensive being ideal. This is very important to me. Anything to support my innate smugness and understated sense of superiority. Ideally, this would include things so fantastically over priced that most people could not even imagine buying one (incredibly expensive fly-tying bobbins are a good example).

2) Prestige manufacturer, as long as it supports the above. Ideally, these are companies recognized as a makers of the most expensive and highest quality of whatever it is.

3) Corporate support of name dropping. This could mean literal endorsements or the tacit recognition that somebody famous or superbly capable uses the equipment, or (failing that) just very rich people.

4) Obscure but rare collectable items from the “golden age” of fly fishing. Could be hand-made bamboo rods or reels that cost more than a car. The more obscure and expensive the better. Special points given to items so little known that only the most rarefied of collectors would even recognize them.
ROFL! You forgot to mention that someone with your impeccable taste should be an endorsed spokesman.
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