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Default Re: No-Knot Fas-Snap, have you ever used it?

Originally Posted by jimp View Post
I've tried 'em, and seems like it was harder for me to change flies or jigs when crappie fishing that I quit using 'em. I seemed to have trouble holding the fas snap and getting the eye of the hook into the fas snap making the connection so to speak.
I bought the small size yesterday and tried to hook several flies in the evening.
At first it was difficult, but then slowly I found away to connect them together.
Hopefully, I can do it properly in the fishing setup.

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Originally Posted by cimarron View Post
Runningfish - I've tried the small with an #8 nymph and the snap is just too small. Now a #10 is OK with a small but I prefer the medium for that size. I have tried the small snap with a #12 dry fly and they are OK, no problem with the fly action. The medium snap is too big for #12 dry fly, I think. I always carry both sizes.
I bought the small size and had difficulties in connecting any of the fly sizes and actually had the improved clinch knot on the snap unraveled. But then I remembered someone here mentioned the palomar knots. I used that and it solved the knot problem. On the second attempt, I finally figured out how to hold the snap and the flies to connect and to disconnect them and things got easier after that.

I hooked the small snap to #12 and #10 easily. Had a difficulty to hook the #12 BH Prince, since the tungsten head was over the hook eye. Tried #8 wolly bugger and to my surprised it fit too. Maybe because the wolly buggers that I have were tied using fine wire hooks. I remembered someone saying about pressing the snap down after changing the flies, I did that with my nail and the opening gap significantly narrower.

I have a question, I am planning to use the sinker stopper to carry them but I want to know how you carry yours?

by the way, I have a proposition, would you mind to trade some of your medium size snaps with my small size snap? I don't think I will be using all 30 small snaps unless I drop them into the water. Ten for ten maybe? I'll send you the postal stamp along with the snaps.

I think using these snaps will be a great help for me. One thing for sure they will make changing files easier in my UK flies rigging system for fishing deep stillwater lake.
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