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Default Re: I haven't been fly fishing in a while! No posts?

I'll be there with you in a month or so when the crappie, we call them specks down here, turn on. Its a winter time deeper water game and I've been tying up some 1/16th oz. jigs to fish with a four pound ultra light. I did however buy an ultra fast sinking head for my four weight, so I'll try that as well. But to be honest crappie are really one of the only three species where I am a serious meat fisherman. I generally C@R, but crappie? They put up a pretty boring fight by bass or even large bluegill standards, but man they are good to eat, and I get kind of medieval towards putting some fillets in the freezer. I'm the same way with cat fish and pompano. I very rarely target either, but when I do its with dinner in mind.
I think its healthy. It doesn't pay to get prissy. Fishing started as a survival excersize, not a rarefied sport. Some times we need to remind ourselves of our roots, and taking home a mess of crappie or catfish is a good way to do it.And tasty too.
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