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Default Re: My first trip to the Salmon River NY !

Originally Posted by ben664 View Post
Thanks gzarboni ! I had LOT of good times. This place is incredible, the atmosfere is great.... Next time I ll go a little later, when the salmon run is over. 3h drive man !!! Lucky you

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Yes jaybo ! I prepared this trip for almost 2 years, and it had make a difference but the fishing guide (Nick Copolla) teach me a lot !! very nice guy. The video montage is from Sony Vegas. I m just a beguinner in that

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He JP !! Thanks !! Seems that in Pulaski, I was the first french guy they ever seen !! Now the locals guys can realize that the Salmon River is A world class fisherie. No doubt.

Peut etre un jour tu te joindra a moi ?

Thancks for the comments guys !!

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Here the 2 nd video

Salmon River video 2013 part 2 Fish On !! - YouTube
That is beyond awesome! I want to go. Send that video to the local chamber of commerce and you'll have a job and a green card in fifteen minutes. They will have you on a paid promotional tour of Europe and the US to bring people in. No BS my man, market that. There is a market that will pay you for that stuff and pay you well. Think I'm kidding? I will publically bet you whatever five euros are worth in USD, probably fifty bucks these days, to a fishing organization in France vs one in the US if I win. Seriously, send that last vid to Allen and Taylor. Five Euros to your charity if you don't get at least a nibble on a commercial.
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