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Originally Posted by querorz View Post
Thank you all guys so much. ia_trouter, gregnash, buddhist_palm, mecnerney,random user, i appreciate it. I am shocked of seeing how generous you are to share your knowledge with foreigners every single time i ask you guys something.

I am from Turkey. We have no fly fishing here. It's is a miracle that i even caught some fishes with fly.

I catch coarse fishes with nymphes. This is an American forum, so you don't know some of these species: Rudd, Roach or fishes like shiners. Small species. These fishes are easy to catch with fly. So i target them. There is no trout, salmon or other predator species around.

We have pike but lakes are so weedy and my 5-6# rod is not suitable for big flies. There is a river with carps in it and water level is pretty shallow too. I might try to catch carp with fly. In this river i guess people feed them with bread and these carps will take bread all the time. A bread fly might work but i don't have suitable material to do that.

Here, in Turkey most of the rivers are corrupted so badly. So, fly fishing is not practiced easily. Lakes are deep and it's so hard to catch fish in a lake without a boat. I had luck to catch these coarse fishes because there was no wind and water was so clear. I could cast it to where fish were. Dang, i hate it here in Turkey. I say that in all of my posts, but i am tired of not having any good fishing here. I will move to the USA as soon as i got 5 million bucks in my bank account and die happy there... Do you mind me crying?

I understand what you saying about gape. I have tied only 2-3 flies so far. So i am a little unexperienced. I hope i will get better in time.
I'm sure in the past you've seen those foam brushes that are used to clean your dishes... Find a yellow one... Cut out a chunk of foam... Take a brown marker and color one end... That's the crust... Put it on a hook... Now you got a bread fly. Also carp will take all kinds of other flies... Nymphs... Buggers... Etc. So don't feel you need a bread fly to catch a carp.

Also for deep water try fishing at dawn and dusk or even at night if it allows... This'll increase your chances of catching fish that retreat to the safer deeper water during the day... But come in shallow in low light conditions to feed.
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