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Default Freedom Hawk Pathfinder with Elite Angler Seat

This is probably a long shot, but I'll post it here anyways. Someone might be interested, after all.

I've got a yellow Freedom Hawk Pathfinder that I bought new this summer. I also bought a new drift boat though, and this kayak just doesn't ever get used.

This is a kayak built specifically for standing and fishing from. The back "pontoons" can be set to three different positions (Inline, Y, and outrigger style). I've paddled it about 5 times, and I can honestly say that you would have to try very, VERY hard to flip this thing. It's easily the most stable kayak I've ever fished from.

It's 14' long, with 4' of that being the removable outriggers. You can, and should remove these for transport of the kayak if you are transporting on top of your vehicle. The outriggers deploy by simply pulling the levers next to the seat. It also includes an H-bar or belly bar, for something to hold on to or brace your legs against while standing and fishing.

Understanding the need for comfort when paddling, I also upgraded the seat. It's as good of seat as I've ever had in a kayak. Very comfortable, with good lumbar support.

The kayak can easily have a trolling motor attached to with the purchase of their mounting kit ($50 or $100 if I remember correctly). In fact, I'd strongly recommend doing this if you fish lakes. Being that it is made to stand and fish from, you will want the extra control that a trolling motor provides you.

Included with the kayak are: The kayak itself, Cheap paddle, 5lb mushroom anchor and rope, 1 Fly Rod Holder, and Elite Angler seat.

I am willing to meet someone a reasonable distance from Winona, MN to sell this. If you're interested, just message me and we can work something out.

Total price for everything will be $800. This package is worth more than $1500.

Click the image to open in full size.

I don't have any pictures of mine at the moment, as it's hanging up in the garage. If you're seriously interested in it, I will pull it down from the rafters and get you some real pictures of it.
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