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Default Re: Newby to forum, looking for brackish water set up

Originally Posted by flgatorgirl View Post
Hi, I am returning to Fly Fishing after tooo many years, and am looking for a nice 6wt set up that can handle fresh and brackish water on the East Coast of FL. I am eyeing the Allen Compass rod with an Allen Trout II reel. Any thoughts concerns for that set up in brackish waters? I will be fishing mostly bass and whatever swims my way!
Thanks in advance!
For years I fished a Sage fast 6wt RPL and used a Loomis 10 GL 3 for when I was chunking heavy flies in the wind or chasing medium Tarpon. I recently bought an 8wt and love it. Are you mostly after seatrout/snook/bass or are you looking to chase tarpon or hit the surf? That will determine a lot of it. I like the light weight stuff, but a six for the mangroves will be pricy. Still, its my preffered rod. A ten is always enough rod unless you're looking at bonita or over forty pound tarpon. An eight weight is a good compromise, but for small jacks, mangroves and snapper and bass its a bit much. Still, I think its the best overall choice for a one rod solution. It will throw large flies, muscle a snook out of the groves, fight reasonable wind and still make three pound fish fun. Though not as much fun as a fast six, but that six limits your fly selection too. Forget size 2 deep clousers and seaducers. The eight will throw both. I gue▀s the question is, what's your budget, and what do you intend to do the most of?

PS welcome.

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